Thursday, 10 October 2013

Clothes for Danish Vikings:)

I would like to show You today the pictures of my products sent to me by my customer.
It always gives me a lot of pleasure to see someone in clothes made by myself.
So I would like to show You them too:)

On the first picture there’s a set of clothes customized for Peter Christensen from Denmark:

Peter with his 12 year old son are Vikings from Danish group Rollo - Lejre Rollespilsforening. They organize camps for young people who want to became Viking warriors. It is very important to preserve the high level of reconstruction and to be close to historical realities.  It’s really nice to work for people who take care of education about great history of the region. 


About clothes made by me:

Peter have a pasbyxor baggy pants made of rusty red thin wool (very itchy!:) and linen undyed shirt. Shirt is based on the find from Birka, it has two wedges on both sides.

Peter's son have a hood based on the findings from Skjoldehamn and tunic  based on the Birka findings too.

It’s made of 100% wool with herringbone pattern, woven of blue and gray colored thread.

Everything is hand sewn with linen thread.
Many thanks for lending pictures

In preparation, there is still more clothes for this group, so I hope to show you more photos :)