Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn early medieval dress

I took advantage of the beautiful Polish autumn as a background for photo session. Between red oak leaves and yellow leaves of birch I show my new clothes.

Dress in the photographs is based on Scandinavian men's tunic with four wedges (like Haithabu tunic for example). It is a top dress, worn on the underdress. It is suitable for cooler days and evenings.

The dress has short sleeves and is semi length to expose the possible decorations of underdress. 

This dress was sewn from 50% linen and 50% wool fabric, but it works best as 100% wool.

The dress is decorated at the neckline and sleeves with hems. The hems are made of green flax. It's simple finish has a lot of charm. With good color matching we can get beautiful results.

This year we had long beautiful autumn full of colors. It's great that I managed to capture it in the pictures

All photos by Aleksander Halicki
Model: myself - Katarzyna Głowacka:)